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Slimline Compact Plug Top, The New Socket and Plug Top Standard for South Africa

If you’ve always wanted a less-obtrusive, more convenient plug for appliances, look no further than the new, compact, 3-pin plug from Crabtree. Designed and marketed by Crabtree, this product offers the South African consumer an alternative to the well known standard format.

This new 3-pin plug has several significant safety features, is more convenient than the traditional 3-pin plug, and carries the South African Bureau of Standards mark of approval. Slim, elegant and easy-to-use, the new compact plug is an alternative to the conventional large and bulky design.
The designers of the international standard (IEC 60906–1) modelled the design on the standard European 2.5A 2 – pin plug with the addition of a third, earthed pin. Many appliances such as toasters, heaters, refrigerators, washers and air-conditioners all require a 16Amp, earthed plug.
The standard 3-pin plug used in South Africa has remained largely unchanged for almost a century, a legacy of the British influence. Its size is far larger than necessary for the job it does. As long ago as 1950, a new worldwide standard for plugs and sockets was envisaged that would be safe, occupy less space and use materials more efficiently. However, the move to standardise the diversity of plugs and sockets worldwide met with obstacles and a final document was only published in 1986. To date, only South Africa and Brazil have adopted this new standard (SANS 164-2), even though it remains out there as a global benchmark.
The benefits of the new plug can be enjoyed with the matching range of adapters, without having to replace existing wall sockets. Wall sockets incorporating the new format are also available in the Crabtree range of switches and sockets.
Where once there would only have been space for two plugs, with the new design four plugs can be accommodated, ensuring maximum usage of the 100 x 100 mm wall box format.
The range of adapters is flexible; both the unearthed 2 pin and the 3 pin earthed standards can be accommodated in one adapter, reducing the need for multiple adapters.
In addition to its space-saving benefits and superior looks, the new compact 3-pin plug is very user-friendly. Appliances have in the past been sold with a standard plug, which unlike the new plug cannot be adjusted.

The new compact 3 pin plug can be wired to allow the cord to exit either the top or the bottom of the socket or adaptor, ideal for tight spaces and behind furniture installations or where unsightly twisting of the cord is to be avoided. By replacing the moulded earthed plug with the compact 3 pin, greater flexibility in the office and at home is possible.
But perhaps the most important quality of the compact plug system is its unparalleled safety. The live and neutral pins have extended sleeves and the socket has shutters on both contacts. Conventionally the earth pin activates the shutter mechanism for all contacts, making the system susceptible to tampering. The compact 3-pin plug design addresses this with a unique shutter system, an extended 15 mm pin sleeve and a recessed socket ensuring that it’s not possible to touch the pin while contact is made with the outlet contact. These engineered characteristics benefit children who are the most vulnerable of users, allowing even the smallest hand to insert and withdraw this plug safely.
With its unique combination of safety, convenience and looks, the new compact 3-pin plug is the way of the future. Crabtree is committed to bringing innovative, quality products to the South African market. The design of this new plug is indicative of the companies’ philosophy of collaborating with likeminded organisations and in so doing, making innovation one of their hallmarks.
The new 3-pin plugs plus the accompanying range of adaptors and sockets are available from Crabtree and electrical wholesalers.
These products are easily identifiable by distinctive 'Compact 3 Pin' logo displayed on packaging and at point of sale.



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